On this Elite Level Provincial Teams are using previously established building blocks (phases) as the basis of participation (Elite Performance) and once again the coaches have the opportunity to qualify at an even higher level (Capacity building).

The National Team is the peak of any table tennis player’s achievements and so is international competition. On this level Elite Performance is most certainly the main objective. Performance can obviously be measured in the form of medals in international competition.

The Centre of Specialisation that is providing the required services in the delivery of this phase is the University of Pretoria (High Performance Centre) in Tshwane.

With this being said it is further envisaged that once athletes reach the peak of their careers and are no longer able to participate, these very same athletes should be brought back into the continuum to perform various roles from coaching, technical officiating and to fulfil administrative functions either on a volunteer basis or where possible on a full-time basis. “Diagram B” will shed some clarity on this desired process.

The following areas are addressed on this Elite Level:
    National Squads
    High Performance Programme
    National and International Training Camps
    International Competition including Continental participation
    Medical and Scientific Intervention


We encourage all players to participate in table tennis and will do no screening until talent has emerged. The game of table tennis is of such a nature that an athlete with talent will automatically rise through the ranks as exceptional hand-eye coordination is required to become an elite level player. Athletes who do not possess such exceptional coordination skills are also encouraged to play the game on social level.

A clear programme of talent development rather that talent identification is imperative. In particular the programme will indicate how the rural and marginalized youth are to be included. Talented identified athletes will automatically be included in development programmes based on merit.

It will also indicate how the schools are to be incorporated in a holistic and integrated development continuum at club level. Full inclusion and integration is vital to ensuring a large pool from which to develop promising athletes and at the same time ensure mass participation for sustainable growth of table tennis.

The SATTB’s Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) is aimed at enhancing the high performance sport system. The AAP assists international calibre athletes with their training and competition needs, through the provision of a living and training allowance and, where applicable, tuition expenses. This provision is made possible from funds received from the NLDTF.

The AAP is also intended to assist identified athletes in dealing with the increasing demands of high performance sport and to enhance their personal and career development both during, and following, their athletic careers.

The programme of the Academy system will also include:

Medical and scientific support
Coaching and development
A life skills programme
Communication and media specific skills
Tuition support for school goers
Gear and equipment
Coaches and Technical officials
International training and experience
Resident international coaches
Support part-time coaches
Utilization skills training
The development of an effective volunteer culture is regarded as critical to the success of the plan.
Administrative plan
Event volunteers
Use of past heroes