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The following is an extract from the SA Table Tennis Constitution, as amended 11 December 2011. To view the full document, follow the links at the bottom of the page.
1.3.1     The principles of the SATTB shall be general unity of action, mutual respect of
Associations in their dealing with one another and the inadmissibility of discrimination against Associations or individuals on racial, political, religious or other grounds.
1.3.2     SATTB shall observe the general and fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter
and no provision of these Rules shall be deemed to conflict with or derogate from these principles.
1.3.3     The principles of the South African Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) shall be upheld by the SATTB.
1.4.1     The objectives of the SATTB shall be:     to uphold the principles of SATTB and to develop the spirit of friendship and mutual assistance among the Associations and players;     to be fully representative of the sport of Table Tennis in South Africa;     to actively ensure that no discrimination exists within SATTB on
grounds of race, politics, religion, creed or any other grounds;     to affiliate directly with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and to uphold the Rules and Regulations of Table Tennis as laid down by the ITTF;     to control under the auspices of the Associations concerned, the SATTB Inter-Regional Tournaments, the SATTB Championships and national competitions;     to promote and arrange international tours to and from South Africa by international teams and players and to control the teams and players that play against these international teams and players;     to employ the funds of SATTB in such a manner as may be expedient in the interests of South African Table Tennis;     to accept, take over, or otherwise acquire all such Cups or other Trophies as may be approved by SATTB, to regulate the conditions under which such trophies shall be competed for and to provide for the proper custody, insurance, protection, exhibition, awarding, distribution, or loan of or other dealing with all or any such Cups and Trophies as aforesaid;     to take and do all such measures as would directly or indirectly assist in the attainment of the objectives of SATTB;     to affiliate to any other body which will facilitate the advancement and promotion of the sport;     to decide all doubtful or disputed questions as the Laws and all matters relating to the game.

Download the complete SATTB Constitution below:

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